Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yugioh Deck - Lost Sanctuary

I've been asked by several readers to help them build a competitive Lost Sanctuary deck at minimal cost.  So here's what I came up with for the Main Deck.  Of course you should have more cards in your Side Deck to adjust accordingly to your opponent but this Main Deck is a pretty solid foundation to go up against anybody.

- I tried to stick to the Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck as closely as possible.
- 40 card minimum/maximum (add more if you want but I try to stick with 40).
- Archlord Kristya is pretty cheap if you get the Collector Tin version.
- Advanced Format.
- Total cost is about $25 if you start with the Lost Sanctuary Starter Deck and add the additional cards.

Monster Card - Master Hyperion (x3)
Monster Card - The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter (x3)
Monster Card - The Agent of Mystery - Earth (x3)
Monster Card - The Agent of Force - Mars (x2)
Monster Card - The Agent of Judgment - Saturn (x2)
Monster Card - The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury (x2)
Monster Card - Achlord Kristya (x1)
Monster Card - Athena (x1)
Monster Card - Hecatrice (x1)
Monster Card - Honest (x1)
Monster Card - Shining Angel (x1)
Monster Card - Splendid Venus (x1)
Monster Card - Tethys, Goddess of Light (x1)
Monster Card - Zeradias, Herald of Heaven (x1)
Spell Card - The Sanctuary In The Sky (x2)
Spell Card - Burial from a Different Dimension (x1)
Spell Card - Dark Hole (x1)
Spell Card - Heavy Storm (x1)
Spell Card - Monster Reborn (x1)
Spell Card - Smashing Ground (x1)
Spell Card - Solidarity (x1)
Spell Card - The Fountain in the Sky (x1)
Spell Card - Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen (x1)
Trap Card - Beckoning Light (x1)
Trap Card - Divine Punishment (x1)
Trap Card - Miraculous Descent (x1)
Trap Card - Mirror Force (x1)
Trap Card - Return from the Different Dimension (x1)
Trap Card - Solemn Judgment (x1)
Trap Card - Torrential Tribute (x1)

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