Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (JMP-EN005)

Card:  JMP-EN005
Card Name:  Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Attribute:  Light
Level/Rank:  12
Type:  Dragon/Fusion
ATK:  4500
DEF:  3800

Card Text:
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"

Personal Comment:
This is a level 12 card, which pretty much says everything that needs to be said.  It is an absolute beat stick.  Sadly, dueling has evolved so much that Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is now obsolete.  Getting the 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the playing field to perform the fusion is extremely tough.  On top of that, keeping him on the playing field is nearly impossible with all the card destroying/removing abilities of Spells, Traps, and Monster Effects.  It's a card for collectors and for those who remember the early days of the Yugioh anime.

Personal Rating:
Artwork - 8/10
Power - 9/10
Easy To Play - 6/10
Collectable - 8/10
Overall Score - 7.75/10

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