Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystical Elf (DB1-EN120)

Card:  DB1-EN120
Card Name:  Mystical Elf
Attribute:  Light
Level/Rank:  4
Type:  Spellcaster
ATK:  800
DEF:  2000

Card Text:
A delicate elf that lacks offense, but has a terrific defense backed by mystical power.

Personal Comment:
So why am I featuring a card without any devastating effect or spectacular power?  It is because cards like Mystical Elf are essential in winning duels.  You can play this card immediately without any special requirements.  She goes from your hand to the playing field in defense position.  Now you have a 2000 DEF wall for your Lifepoints.  Early in the duel there will be very few monsters your opponent can play that can go through that kind of defense.  In addition, they're not going to waste a valuable Spell/Trap card on her.  But the most important reason is that Mystical Elf is a level 4 Light monster.  You can use her to Synchro Summon some of the most powerful cards in the Yugioh dueling game today.  Simple, effective, and tough to beat.

Personal Rating:
Artwork - 7/10
Power - 7/10 (powerful defense)
Easy To Play - 10/10 (as basic as it gets)
Collectable - 7/10
Overall Score - 7.75/10

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