Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doomsday Horror (PTDN-EN022)

Card:  PTDN-EN022
Card Name:  Doomsday Horror
Attribute:  Dark
Level/Rank:  4
Type:  Fiend/Effect
ATK:  ?
DEF:  ?

Card Text:
The ATK and DEF of this card are each equal to the number of removed from play DARK monsters x 300.  When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, return all removed from play DARK monsters to their owners' Graveyards.

Personal Comment:
A gentleman by the name of MONTYTHEMAESTRO asked for my opinion of this card.  So I went and added the card to my collection in order to post it on this blog.  First let me say that I've never used this card before so my opinion isn't very relevant.  However, a friend of mine who specializes in Fiend and Zombie decks was gracious enough to give his take on it.  So here's his review...

Doomsday Horror is a very situational card.  The fact that his (or it could be a her but anything that looks that ugly I just assume it's a male:-) ATK and DEF depends on the number of DARK monsters removed from play dictates how useful he is.  If he comes out early in the game he won't be on the playing field for long.  If he comes out late in the game there is great potental for some very powerful stats.  But realistically, at that point in the game it's likely that your opponent will have a beat stick in attack position ready to dance with Doomsday Horror.  Obviously, this card should be used in a DARK deck with the ability to remove large amounts of DARK monsters quickly with milling and swarming capabilities.  But even in that perfect situation Doomsday Horror is just a "good" card at best. 

However, there is one more deck type that makes this card absolutely devastating.  Any deck that is built around Rainbow Dark Dragon.  Think about it.  If Doomsday Horror comes out early and is destroyed he becomes one of the cards needed to summon Rainbow Dark Dragon.  If he comes out AFTER Rainbow Dark Dragon has been summoned, Doomsday Horror's ATK and DEF is 2100 minimum!!!  And here's the most important part.  If he is destroyed all the removed from play DARK monsters are returned to the Graveyard.  That gives you the ability to bring out Rainbow Dark Dragon again with more ATK than the first time (remember Rainbow Dark Dragon already starts at a whopping 4000 ATK before the additional power up!!!).  You literally can end the duel right there with a one-turn-kill.

Summary - Use this card in a DARK macro deck (milling and swarming capabilities) for some good uses.  Use it in a Rainbow Dark Dragon deck to take it to another level.  Overall, a very good card to have.

- OnePotatoTwo

Personal Rating:
Artwork - 6/10
Power - 7/10 (very situational but has great potential)
Easy To Play - 7/10
Collectable - 6/10
Overall Score - 6.5/10

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