Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Effect Veiler (DREV-EN002)

Card:  DREV-EN002
Card Name:  Effect Veiler
Attribute:  Light
Level/Rank:  1
Type:  Spellcaster/Tuner
ATK:  0
DEF:  0

Card Text:
During your opponent's Main Phase, you can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to select 1 face-up Effect Monster your opponent controls.  Negate the effect(s) of that monster until the End Phase.

Personal Comment:
What are the best Yugioh Tuners?  There’s no single one “correct” answer to this question.  However, there are certain Tuners that would show up on Top 10 Lists more than most.  Effect Veiler would be one of those.  This card is a Level 1 Monster that packs a whopping 0 ATK and 0 DEF (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice).  These stats are the lowest possible in the dueling game.  So why is this card “featured” on my blog?  It’s because Effect Veiler’s card effect is one of the rarest in the game…a monster card (which doesn’t need to be summoned) that can negate the effect of an opponent’s monster.  Once in your hand, that’s where you want it to stay to utilize the card’s effect.  Effect Veiler is basically a Spell/Trap Card that sits in your hand (instead of the field) making it extremely hard for any opponent to remove or anticipate.  This single effect can stop some of the most destructive top tier dueling monsters in the game today (such as Trishula, Dark Armed Dragon, and Judgment Dragon...just to name a few), making Effect Veiler essential in any deck (even if you don’t use it to Synchro Summon).

Some Of My Other Favorite Tuners:
- Fabled Raven (in my opinion the best Tuner)
- Plaguespreader Zombie
- Glow-Up Bulb
- Krebons
- Delta Flyer
- Formula Synchron

Personal Rating:
Artwork - 7/10
Power - 8/10 (for the ability to stop some of the strongest monsters)
Easy To Play - 9/10
Collectable - 9/10
Overall Score - 8.25/10

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